2020 Participating Poets

The West End Poetry Festival features poets from a range of poetic styles, ages, professions, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and stages of development. The festival draws emerging and established poets and local and nationally recognized poets.

This year’s theme is “Poetry for a Change”. For more information about joining the conversation, visit our how to participate page.

2020 West End Poetry Festival Participants

Carrboro Poets Council

Virtual Curated Open Mic

  • Get your performance ready! We’ll be accepting YouTube links soon.

We are moving our “Curated Open Mic” online! While it will not be live, this event will be entirely online, and comprised of videos you share with us. We hope to include a range of poets—of different ages, professions, races and ethnicities, and stages of development.

IMPORTANT (if you want to get an early start)

  1. We only accept YouTube links
  2. Time limit: 5 minutes maximum (we love shorter poems!)
  3. Only one poem per poet
  4. We will release more information on applications for the event soon!

Featured Poets

  • We’ve already got some exciting confirmations…

Community Poem (NEW!)

  • We would like to create a poem with you to publish on the West End Poetry Festival Website! Stay tuned for how to participate.